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Research and Scholarly Agenda

Scholarship Focus Areas

  • First-Generation College Access and Success

  • First-Generation Student Mental Health and Wellness

  • Development and Implementation of First-Generation Programming

  • Education Access and Success for Rural Black First-Generation Students

  • Intersectionality and the First-Generation Student Identity

Forthcoming Publications
  • Troy, C., Jackson, K., Pearce, B. & Rowe, D. Developing and Implementing Promising
    Practices and Programs for First-Generation College Students.
    New York, NY: Routledge.


Recent Publications


Edited Books

Book and Monograph Chapters





Additional Research Contributions

Research Papers
  • Troy, C.E. & Pearce, B. & Rowe, D. (2019, February). Reciprocal Engagement: The Impact of Peer Mentoring on First-Generation Students. Assessed Institutional Paper presented at the 38th Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience, National Resource Center on First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, Las Vegas, NV.

  • Troy, C.E. & Pearce, B. (2018, February). The Impact of Service Learning on First Generation Learning Experiences. Assessed Institutional Paper presented at the 37th Annual Conference on the First- Year Experience, National Resource Center on First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, San Antonio, TX.

  • Parsons, M. & Troy, C. E. (2013, March). Concepts & Applications of Civic Learning. Paper presented at the East Coast Colleges Social Science Association, Reston, VA.

  • Troy, C.E. & Alston, B. (2012, October). Laying the Foundation: The Importance of Implementing Student Mentoring Programs to Promote Minority Student Satisfaction and Persistence on HBCU and PWI. Paper presented at the Maryland Association of Institutional Research, Baltimore, MD.

  • Troy, C.E. (2012, September). Higher Education Lockout: Examining the Low-Income Student Experience. Paper presented at the National Academic Advising Association, Richmond, VA.

  • Troy, C.E. (2010, September). The Subprime Mortgage Crisis and its Effects on the African American Community. Paper presented at the Conference of Minority Public Administrators, Jackson, MS.

  • Troy, C.E. (2009, November). Key Issues in Tobacco Regulation. Paper presented at the NCCU Public Administration Graduate Symposium, Durham, NC.

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