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Recent Partnerships


  • College Preparation and Success

  • First-Generation College Access and Success

  • First-Generation Student Mental Health and Wellness

  • Development and Implementation of First-Generation Programming

  • Education Access and Success for Rural Black First-Generation Students

  • Intersectionality and the First-Generation Student Identity

  • Mentorship and First-Generation Student Success


Dr. Charmaine Troy has leveraged her expertise and passion to build successful first-generation student programs at several institutions. She is exceptional in building relationships and galvanizing resources to support the success of first-generation students. In addition to providing direct support to students, she is skillful at working with other educators who want to learn more about developing and implementing programs and practices for first-generation students.




- Dr. Karen Foreman Jackson

Associate Dean of Students of Advising Programs, Georgia Gwinnett College

Dr. Charmaine and I first met when she partnered with my company with her first-generation college student mentoring program at Georgia Tech. During our first meeting, I immediately thought to myself, ‘she is the real deal.’ She’s an impeccable speaker which is not only due to her being a well-respected scholar and practitioner about first-generation college student success, but also by her ability to quickly captivate audiences with her authenticity and relatability. There’s a warmth about her that’s pure which leaves people wanting more because of it. Dr. Charmaine has my highest recommendation! I’m blessed our professional paths have crossed.

- DeMario Bell

Senior Community Manager at Culture Amp


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